Mar 12, 2014

PUBLISHING: Dr Karla Turner's "Into the Fringe" Released

Following on from our reissuing of "TAKEN", we are delighted to announce that Dr Karla Turner's first work "INTO THE FRINGE: A TRUE STORY OF ALIEN ABDUCTION" will be released as a physical book and eBook.
We have seen the reviews and have appreciated the support for the re-working of these books and it is of our understanding that some people would like to see the hardcover version released. We are looking into eventually having all three books released in a combined set with exclusive inputs, stories and contributions from readers who have admired her work or experienced similar events.
If you’d like to be featured in this potential release; please contact us at for more information and to submit your words.

At this point in time, we do not have any immediate plans to reissue Karla Turner’s third book “Masquerade of Angels” as her family have remaining stock of the original. You can contact us should you wish to secure yourself a copy and we will forward it on to the right person.
Thanks everybody for your support. The book will be available on Amazon as well as directly from our store at

Mar 7, 2014

Server HDD Swap - May slow down site

7 Mar 2014
8:44pm AEST

Server HDD is to be swapped and cloned. A rolling restart will be forced causing roughly 5 minutes of downtime though no more than 15 minutes.

 - Engineer

Dec 6, 2013

WordMean Launches Kickstarter Campaign

Help expand into further avenues.

WordMean has launched a Kickstarter project to help us focus on empowering the non-mainstream media and push for community-powered news and publications WITHOUT the backing of governments, corporations or conflicts of interest. Un-interfered News!
We are a news media website with ambition. We cover important stories and we are centre-left but without the "everything should be banned" and "we might offend people" mentality. We need to grow and become a proper organisation. Helping us become more than just a website will open up several doors for our authors, editors, readers and YOU! Help us gain exposure and challenge (as well as trivialise) the mainstream media by entering their league and offering an alternative to their business ventures.

The endgame and ultimate goal here is to help us step up from the internet and become a publication in more than one media. Whether it be book publishing, films, discussion centres or radio stations: we are counting on YOU, THE CONTRIBUTOR to have the news your way without the corporate backing you experience throughout the world's media.

We don’t charge for content and we never plan on it. In a day and age with low incomes from advertisers and plenty of moments where we haven’t broken even, now’s the time to help support the future of WordswithMeaning!

This project will only be funded if at least $5,000 is pledged by .

Nov 5, 2013

WordMean Releases Desktop RSS Headline Add-on for Rainmeter

Simple and unobtrusive, the "Rain Reader" by displays a small list of headlines on your desktop fresh from There really isn't much more to it than that. It's minimal, handy and very effective for all desktops.

Download here (via DeviantArt) 
Rainmeter required. (it's free and open source)

Oct 1, 2013

Hardware Upgrade Scheduled for 4TH OCTOBER

One of the servers where operates from will be either intermittent or entirely unavailable at the following day and time:

9am October 4th 2013 until 1pm October 4th 2013

Sep 13, 2013

WORDMEAN PUBLISHING releases revised edition of Dr Karla Turner's work TAKEN

14th September 2013

When it comes to the investigation of alien abductions and the phenomenon surrounding the vague and mysterious allegations of contact with other-worldly beings then there is no denying that one of the most significant researchers of our time was DR KARLA TURNER.

After months of working closely beside her widower Elton and after several years of her works being out of print and only obtainable as rarities for ridiculous amounts of money, and its publishing division (WordMean Publishing) is ecstatic to announce the reissuing and revising of Dr Turner’s books.
Tragically conceding to breast cancer in 1996, KARLA TURNER is all but forgotten. With her own experience as an abductee and the intense effort she put into examining those who came forward with their remarkable stories; KARLA TURNER wrote the staple of paranormal research TAKEN: INSIDE THE ALIEN-HUMAN ABDUCTION AGENDA.

This is an entirely endorsed and authorised republication that sees the book refreshed, renewed and available. The startling accounts of alien abduction as documented by the Dr. Turner has been brought into the 21st century faithfully with the sole input of Elton Turner. For the first time, TAKEN will be available digitally as an eBook.

A new foreword written by the legendary NICK POPE who with 21 years of experience at the British Government's Ministry of Defence and an incredible history of research and broadcasting, puts it best that “TAKEN is a real researcher’s book”.  

TAKEN: INSIDE THE ALIEN-HUMAN ABDUCTION AGENDA is available both physically and digitally through our direct store ( and will be available through online retailers within the coming days.