Nov 6, 2012

IMPORTANT NOTICE Regarding Downtimes and Website Issues.

As most of you have probably noticed; the server that is available on has been experiencing lots of performance issues lately and due to contractual disputes that have occurred with our dedicated server providers and therefore they have decided to discontinue relations with international customers such as
With or without our say, the website’s data will be temporarily transferred to London, UK within the next 72 hours. 

As per our tweet this morning; we will be publishing a news story today regarding the alleged hacking and DDOS that occurred against the Swedish servers we lease. The culprit was apparently acting out in relation to the Anonymous hacking spree that occurred on the 5th of November. We therefore see this as a friendly fire, a careless one.

We have not received any public comment from Anonymous in relation to this accusation and therefore we aren’t pointing any fingers – however, this has caused great concern for WordMean and our provider Hostinator.

This issue has caused a great inconvenience to the WordMean editors and affiliates.  

Financially, this has caused an extreme blow to the website and contributions to our kickstarter "Indiegogo" campaign would be heavily appreciated :)